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The National Hand Hygiene Campaign was launched in January 2007 with the main aim of improving hand hygiene practice and reducing avoidable illness among the general public and NHS staff, patients and visitors to prevent and control the spread of HAI within NHSScotland.

As part of this campaign NHS boards undertook bi-monthly audits of hand hygiene and these were used by HPS to produce bi-monthly Hand Hygiene Monitoring reports.  On 9th August 2013 the Scottish Government HAI Policy unit informed Boards that the collection, analysis and publication of these reports will cease with the publication of the 27th Hand Hygiene Monitoring report on 25th September 2013.

Information on the Hand Hygiene Campaign have been archived:

From 1st October 2013 individual NHS Boards will be responsible for monitoring and reporting of compliance data, with the latter being reported in the local Healthcare Associated Infection Reporting Templates (HAIRTs).

All NHS boards have to use the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual which includes information on Hand Hygiene.

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