Good hygiene can help prevent illness.

When you practice good hygiene, you are preventing the spread of sicknesses by washing your hands, scrubbing your fingernails, and keeping your mouth clean. You are also protecting yourself from germs when you take a shower or bath.

Listen to what the Experts Say

The CDC recommends that everyone should be following these guidelines for healthy living:

  • Scrub your fingernails and between your fingers with soap and water.
  • Keep surfaces in the home clean to avoid contact with germs that can make you sick.
  • Cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue or shirt sleeve, not your hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick to keep from getting sick yourself.
  • Healthy living is about more than good hygiene

Good hygiene is just one part of living a healthy lifestyle. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly as well as maintain proper dental care.

Make Efforts to Achieve Best Hygiene

We may all have different ideas of what being healthy means, but it’s important that we each work on our own health in order to be at our best daily!