Kids want to make sure they are in control and having a choice is one way to do that. They are more likely to practice proper hygiene habits if you let them when the time comes.

Give them a Chance

When it’s time for bed, make sure your kids brush their teeth or take a shower before they go to sleep. If you have a younger child, you could always put toothpaste or soap in their mouth and scrub it off before they’re ready for bed. You can also plan ahead by prepping toothbrush and toothpaste or soap so your kids can get themselves ready for bed when the time comes.

How to Wash Hands Properly?

The most important thing to teach kids about hygiene is how to wash their hands properly. It’s a good idea to start by teaching them how to properly wash their hands before they eat, after they go to the bathroom, and after they come back inside from playing outside.