As a parent, you want your child to put in the effort to practice good hygiene. You want to be giving them tips and encouragement so they will strive for success. Keep a positive attitude about what you’re doing. Your children want to please you, and if you are giving them “tough love” or not praising them when they do something good, they are less likely to work hard.

Acknowledge their Wins

It’s important to praise your children for their efforts and accomplishments. When kids see that their parents care and are proud of them, they will have more motivation to keep practicing proper hygiene habits.

Give them Ownership of their Hygiene Routine 

One of the ways you can encourage your child to practice hygiene is by giving them ownership of their personal hygiene routine. When they feel like it’s their responsibility, they are more likely to do it. Give them a basket or container and let them gather their supplies from there.

They’ll be more inclined to do what’s necessary when they have access to the supplies and know where everything is.