Only use antibiotics when prescribed. Not because you want to.

You should not be too Reliant on it

Too many people take antibiotics unnecessarily and the result is a rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which means those antibiotics are no longer effective against certain bacterial infections. Too much antibiotic use also leads to diarrhea, nausea, yeast infections, and other health problems.

Additionally, there is a connection between antibiotics and allergies. The more you give your child antibiotics, the more likely they are to develop an allergy to that antibiotic or something else.

Stronger Immune System through Better Sleep

One of the most common ways children get sick is through colds and flu. This happens because viruses and bacteria can easily pass through their immature immune system’s defenses. The best way to keep your kids healthy is by strengthening their immune system with adequate sleep and a healthy diet before they need vaccines (their immunity is high at birth – then they may need shots).