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One of the most effective ways to encourage kids to practice proper hygiene is to get creative with rewards. One suggestion is giving your child a reward chart, a sticker chart, or some other type of incentive chart. Kids love collecting stickers and stars on their charts and will want to earn more so they can collect more stickers.

Follow a Reward System

An easy way for parents to provide an incentive for their children is by assigning chores around the house. For every chore completed, kids will be awarded points that can eventually be exchanged for prizes or rewards for being so good at keeping themselves clean.

This is a great way to teach kids responsibility and encourage them to do their part around the house.

Bond with them

Another strategy that works well is rewarding your child with free time once they complete various tasks in a day. Maybe you’ll allow them an hour of playtime after they take a shower or brush their teeth before bedtime. You could also let them spend time on social media if they’re old enough, or watch TV if they’re still young enough not to have to worry about exposure time limits.