Your child’s immune system is the first line of defense in their body when it comes to fighting diseases.

Check out the tips below to see how you can help them.

  • Make sure they get enough sleep 
  • Keep their bedroom free of allergens 
  • Wash their hands often 
  • Be sure they have a healthy, balanced diet 
  • Give them plenty of exercise and outdoor time 
  • Avoid too much TV and computer time 
  • Just say no to antibiotics unless it’s absolutely necessary 

Have Faith in them

Aside from that, it would be wise to allow them to build up their immune system with adequate sleep and a healthy diet before vaccinations are needed as immunity is highest at birth; then boost with shots when needed!

A Little Play Outside won’t Hurt

Send your kids outside or encourage them to do fun indoor activities like painting, playing games or reading when they’re sick instead of plopping down on the sofa watching TV or looking at tablets/computers.