Menstrual Cup vs. Tampons: Pros and Cons

Many women have used tampons for years. The menstrual cup is fresh to the fight. Both eliminate pads, but which is better? Learn about the pros and cons of each choice to find your period companion.

Tampon Zone: Convenient and Easy

Tampons, especially applicator-style, are easy to use. They are unnoticeable and perfect for sports and other active activities that need mobility.

Leaks Protection

Tampons protect against leaks at various flow rates when properly inserted.

The Catch about Tampons: Frequent Changes

Change tampons every 4–8 hours to avoid dryness and TSS. This is annoying, especially on lengthy days or outings.


Buying new tampons is costly. Some people experience pain or dryness from absorbent materials.

Cup Crusaders: Champions Who Care About Money and Environment

Due to their long-term reuse, menstruation cups are more environmentally friendly than single-use tampons.

Long-lasting Use

Cups can carry more fluid and last 12 hours, providing all-day protection. Some Considerations and a

Learning Curve for Your Cup: Finding the Right Fit

Learning how to insert and choose the right size cups may take time. Leaks may occur until placement is perfect.

The Bad News About Public Restrooms

Not everyone likes emptying and cleaning their cup in public restrooms.

The Bottom Line

A universal answer doesn’t exist. Assess your lifestyle, comfort, and environmental impact. Tampons are more convenient and familiar, but cups are cheaper and greener. Try something new if you haven’t found the perfect period product!