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Poor hygiene habits can lead to a higher risk of infection, which is why it’s important to make an effort in keeping ourselves clean.

What Poor Hygiene can Do to You?

Did you know that bacteria, viruses, and allergens can all be spread through poor hygiene? When people go to the bathroom or touch their nose or mouth after going to the bathroom, they can leave traces of bacteria behind.

Not just to Yourself, but to Your Surroundings too

Poor hygiene habits also affect the environment. If a person doesn’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom, they may leave behind harmful germs on whatever they touch. This could include door handles and shopping carts.

It’s very possible for these items to then transmit those harmful germs onto everyday objects like your food and drink. This means even if you don’t have any allergies or other health problems, bad hygiene habits could cause you to get sick from what’s been touched by someone else who didn’t wash their hands.